Supervisors of Medical Residence Don And Think Cutting Resident Hours Will Reduce Fatigue

truck drivers pose such a danger to the safety of themselves and others when they are tired that regulations must be established, but doctors and hospitals who take care of people's health and lives could pose enough of a risk to regulate their work hours. If you are injured in a car wreck caused by a fatigued truck driver contact one of the veteran car accident lawyers Toronto law offices have on staff. These knowledgeable Toronto personal injury lawyers will help you get all of the medical and rehabilitation treatments you need to recover from your injuries.

 In the last couple of years some of these attitudes have been changing. Studies have been done to show malpractice can be reduced when doctors are well rested. When a new schedule was put into place restricting hospitals residents to 16 hour workdays many hailed it as a step in the right direction. However, a survey of supervisors of residents showed they had a different opinion. The study done by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education showed 2/3 of the supervisors did not believe the reduced hours would have any effect on the fatigue of the residents. Many believe that if residents have more time away from work they will fill the hours with activities other than sleep. Others feel the resident would feel they were so pushed to get their work done in a shorter time frame that they would make even more errors and be just as fatigued from the mental stress at the end of the shift.

 The reasons given by the supervisors demonstrate the need for regulation and an attitude change among doctors and hospitals. Residents are being used as indentured servants. They must complete their residency in order to get a good job However, if they commit malpractice then a brain injury lawyer or some other type of injury lawyers will not only cost the hospital money but it may ruin the residents career before it even gets started.
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