Natural Remedy To Overcome Late Coming Months

Sometimes late in coming months can make a woman become anxious. Either because it is not planning a pregnancy, or health worries her womb.

Generally, every year women experience menstrual 12-13 times. However, there is often also having periods only 9-10 times a year.

There are many things that cause your period comes late. Such as lack of sleep, too tired, menopause, fertility is delayed, depression, stress, influence of drugs or excessive anxiety. Moreover, lately diseases like cysts also can cause menstrual women are experiencing delays.

So, to overcome this delay menstruation, there are some natural remedies that you can consume.

WARNING: This drug is not intended you are pregnant or are used in order to terminate the pregnancy.

Sesame herbs and palm sugar

White or black sesame roasted then crushed into a powder. Combine the brown sugar. Can be brewed or consumed like candy.

This herb can help induce menstrual periods tend to be short.

Herb papaya

Papaya can also help smooth irregular menstruation. Just eat 250 grams of papaya in the morning or before bed. And performed until the period comes.

Cumin herb and palm sugar

Boil cumin and brown sugar, drinking water while cold. Or can also use cumin oil mixed with palm sugar. This herb can facilitate the arrival of menstruation.

Exercise and eating omega-3

Perform regular exercise so as not to arrive late menstruation. Menu diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 as well as the mix by doing light cardio at least 3-4 times a week.

Yoga exercises

Yoga is an exercise that has many benefits. Not only support health and fitness, yoga can also help induce menstruation.

Pare vegetables

Famous though bitter, but the usual vegetables sauteed or steamed dumplings in this menu can facilitate menstruation.

Enough sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep every day. One cause your period comes late is too tired bodies and lack of sleep. By providing adequate hours of rest for the body, then you do not have to worry about the period comes late again.

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