Health Risks for a Grumpy

Emotional health is the key to keeping the body healthy. That is why, people who like the grumpy will have problems also on the body. What is it?

Health Risks for a Grumpy
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Anger is a negative emotion. When people get angry, a lot of hormones that work, which ultimately affects the physical body. This condition can eventually lead to chronic diseases.

The worst effects of the anger is stressful. Stress is a dangerous thing that can lead to a dozen chronic diseases in the human body. The health risks associated with anger are all seriously. Heart patients have health risks that really fatal if tantrums.

Here are some health risks when your hobby angry, as reported by Boldsky on Thursday (14/03/2013):

1. Stress
Effect after the anger is stressful. After the anger subsides, the body will usually be more easily stressed and stress can lead to serious diseases such as diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and heart disease.

2. Heart Disease
Heart disease such as heart palpitations or rapid heart rate can be triggered by anger. If you are quick to anger, the heart rate may be high constantly makes you vulnerable to cardiac stroke.

3. Sleep disorders
When you are angry, hormones play havoc in the body. That's why the health risks of anger is a sleep disorder. If your body does not get a break, you become an easy target for many diseases. Difficulty sleeping can even make you mad.

4. High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is caused by many things, and anger is one of the main causes. When you get angry, the blood pressure is high for a while. But while high blood pressure can cause even more damage to the heart.

5. Respiratory problems
People who are vulnerable to respiratory disorders such as asthma harder to breathe when you're angry. Anger can trigger asthma attacks and leave sufferers breathless.

6. Headache
When you get angry, the blood vessels in the brain pulsing 'wild'. It can give pain in the head that 'evil' and sharp. Try to relax if you feel pain in the head caused by anger.

7. Heart attack
Heart attacks often occur when someone is emotional, excited or angry. Anger is one of the most dangerous causes that trigger heart attacks. That is why heart patients are forbidden to express too much anger.

8. Stroke
Stroke occurs when one or more blood vessels in the brain rupture. This can happen when anger makes your blood pressure go up very high. Cerebral stroke can kill or paralyze.

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