Damaged hair is one of the most common hair problems for women. Technically, damaged hair means the hair cuticle has been cracked, broken or memudar.Banyak factors that contribute to make your hair dry and damaged, such as:

1. Hair too often in bleaching, dyeing, perm, rebonding
2. Wash hair too often
3. Rubbing the hair too hard
4. Using hair and styling
5. Too long exposure to sunlight
6. Chemicals and pollutants in water

Internal factors that can damage hair include poor diet, stress, insomnia and anemia, vitamin deficiency, especially during pregnancy and lactation.

Some solutions for the treatment of damaged hair:

- Avoid washing your hair every hari.Selama hair quite clean and easy to set up, the hair can be washed every 3 days sekali.Jika wash your hair too often, the natural oils in the scalp will decrease.

- Do not rub your hair too hard because of excess friction can cause hair to break up.

- Always use a wide toothed comb and comb your hair with a comb lembut.Jangan hair while still wet, because the hair is very weak.

- Let hair dry alami.Jika using the dryer, turn on the low setting, because the heat from the hair dryer can damage hair.

- Wearing a hat or scarf when going to indulge diluar.Topi useful or scarf to protect hair from sun exposure can damage the hair.

- Head massage heads Anda.Pijat useful to strengthen hair follicles and increase blood circulation to the hair.

form of treatment for hair, make it more beautiful, shiny, soft and healthy. Hair spa is not much different from the usual cream bath, hair spa just now more popular than creambath. What distinguishes it is hair spa using materials involving technology in the manufacturing process, and uses in-depth research to make racikannya.

If you have dry or dull hair, then the hair spa is available to solve your hair problems. Here are quick tips benefits of hair spauntuk solve your hair problems.

1. Try the spa hair if your hair is too fluffy, because it can change the texture of the hair spa expands your hair becomes softer, and do not forget to choose the treatment that nourishes hair look healthy and easy to set up.

2. If you have dry hair type, hair spa treatment is suited to resolve your issue. Wearing hair spa make your hair more nutritious and retain moisture, choosing hair vitamins can make your dry hair more radiant.

3. Thin and limp hair, do not be tempted to try the hair spa. Hair spa serves to loosen up and make the hair soft, if the condition of your hair is thin it will make an impression on your hair limp.

4. Hair Loss, you should use hair tonic than hair spa because it does not help the growth of hair.

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