Incidence and causes of coral reef Dental Teeth

Tartar (calculus) is an accumulation of plaque (a polysaccharide semitransparent layer on the teeth), bacteria and pellicle (a thin layer of salivary proteins that attach to the tooth surface after cleaning teeth optimally). Consistency is a hard tartar because plaque and pellicle undergo mineralization, making it very difficult to remove by mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush.
How to deal with tartar to go through treatment by a Dentist, because it could not be done arbitrarily by the patient himself. Tartar cleaning should follow the anatomy of teeth, move the tool to clean the tartar was not in vain. If done according to the procedure will not hurt your gums and make the tooth enamel becomes thinner.
Dentists will use specialized tools to clean the tartar, the scaler. There are 3 kinds of scaler, ie manual, supersonic and ultrasonic. Now more popularly used ultrasonic scaler, as it faster, easier, and minimize pain during tartar cleaning.
Many lay people found tartar can be removed by the patient through the use of cloves, tamarind seeds kawak, and so on. All of this means less precise, because the material is not eliminate tartar, but only acts as an antiseptic in the oral cavity.


Plaque tartar alias occurs because not diligent brushing your teeth. People are advised to use toothpaste that contains anti-plaque and a check to the dentist regularly. Bad habits do not brush your teeth thoroughly to leave the plaque or tartar that is full of bacteria and germs.

Habits of the people who often underestimate the occurrence of plaque on the teeth due to illness did not cause pain. In fact, if left unchecked, plaque can cause bad breath or helitosis are difficult to remove. In more severe conditions, can shake and your teeth for granted. In addition, the collection will also be a nest plaques were attached new tartar. While the bacteria that stick, too long will cause gum inflammation.

If it were so, tartar can not be removed with regular brushing. To ensure your teeth are free of the reef, check your teeth for at least 6 months.

The next thing that can be done by the patient after cleaning tartar by a dentist is to maintain oral hygiene in order to prevent the re-formation of tartar, which by the way:
1. Perform mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush with the right technique and frequency (you can see the answers to consultation last month), since the beginning of the formation of tartar from food scraps stuck to the surface of the tooth and not cleaned.
2. Using dental floss (dental floss) for additional mechanical cleaning of teeth crowding, which can not be reached by a toothbrush.
3. Using mouthwash as an antibacterial agent for oral cavity (usage and dosage instructions can be found on the packaging mouthwash)
4. Eating fruits that contain lots of vitamin C (eg kiwi fruit and strawberries) to maintain healthy gums.
5. Eating green vegetables that contain fiber for cleaning teeth naturally.
6. Avoid bad habits such as smoking, and lose the habit of drinking tea or coffee.
7. Routine dental examination to the Dentist (usually 6 months, but each individual is different needs).

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