How to Increase Weight Naturally

Some people are able to get the weight down, and there are many who want to gain weight. Do not be surprised, because that's a fact. Perhaps you are reading this article one of them. As a result of thin body is equally the danger of body fat (obesity), most people experience problems like skinny excessive fatigue, difficulty concentrating, ataupu malnutrition.

Adding weight also for some people is not the easy thing, just like when people want to lose weight is very hard for mercy. Since one of the causes are caused by factors genitik, the person's weight is also influenced by genetic factors (inherited from parents). For the person may be difficult to add weight.

But do not be pessimistic first, for those of you who feel your body less features (thin) because this time we will discuss how to gain weight naturally. Well, consider carefully the following article:

Add Calories
Excess calories is one thing that causes people overweight. Well, for those of you who want to gain weight, eat food banya calories such as white rice, foods with ingredients wheat, meat, and many others. The thing to remember, you also have to stay on top of the food 5 4 perfectly healthy.

Eat Food Items
When you're intending to gain weight, do not think to consume as much food as possible that can not even raise your weight. But choose foods that contain a lot of nutrients, such as milk, nuts, avocados, and many others.

Do not Drink Before Eating
It may be trivial but it has far reaching consequences for those who want to gain weight, drink water before eating will make you feel full. Especially if you consume sugary beverages like milk and coffee, because the sugary food or drink that you will make your stomach feel full. Even if you want to drink coffee or milk, should be done after a meal.

Snacking the Right
Snacking also gives big impact for those who want to gain weight, consume foods that contain lots of protein but not too much fat such as nuts, snacks with dairy ingredients, as this will also make your body more powerful. Remember, avoid snacking by eating instant noodles, because in fact it is very dangerous to your health if consumed continuously.

Eating Before Sleep
Eat one more time before you sleep, try to eat well which contains nutrients. But, do not eat too much of that actually makes your stomach fullness so you can not sleep.

Some people even consider exercising to lose weight, it's true that exercise burns the most calories too much. Well, for those of you who want to gain weight exercise such as lifting bebab select, push ups, anaerobic exercise such as muscle mass will increase so that the body becomes more dense and contain. You definitely do not want it, if after you weigh up your body actually looks bloated or sebagainnya, and is also useful for women to tighten the skin when your body weight increases.

Sleep is Enough
Maybe you've heard the words of the old "do not stay up all night, or you'll be skinny and sick", perkataaan is indeed true. It has also been proved that most people who stay up all night would be skinny.

Stop Smoking
Most people who smoke have a skinny tubh, is caused by substances in cigarettes suppress your appetite. But that does not mean if you are skinny and want to smoke because smoking is very, very bad for the health.

Attach Target
It is important, even very important to do, because you will be trying to set targets consistently to gain weight. Keep a record of your weight loss progress every week, and specify the target to which. Well, for those of you who can not define these targets, admins also have an article How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight please click here. But remember, do not use instant way because usually instant way will not last long.

So I add weight naturally, hopefully you can reach the target soon. Do not forget to click like and share

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