Genetic Factors Cause Eating Lots Stay Skinny

Some specific characteristics that despite eating a lot, but she still skinny. This seems to be something to do with genes, inherited her parents. According to a new study from Michigan State University (MSU), the mother can pass on their body's tendency in girls. If you are slim, then your daughter may also lean. If you are athletic, maybe someday your child will also grow athletically.

If women today feel more pressure to be thin, then this half caused by genetic programming that causes some women are more sensitive to the issue of body image and eating disorders. So, the general assumption in society that young women obsessed with being thin as environmental influences arguably less precise. Genetic factors may make some women more susceptible to feel these pressures than others.

Research published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders is observing the behavior of more than 300 female identical twins and twins different eggs (fraternal twins), with an age range 12-22 years. Researchers observe how much the twins want to look like characters in film, television, and magazines.

When the level of idealization is considered thin, identical twins (who share 100 percent of genes) compared with different egg twins (who only share 50 percent of genes, such as the average of the other siblings), it appears that identical twins have a degree of idealization lean closer than fraternal twins, indicating a strong genetic role. That is, identical twins tend to have the same attitude about body image and diet, but not necessarily lose this behavior to their sister.

The results showed that half of the differences skinny idealization that occurs in women can be explained by genetic reasons. Environmental influences are important, especially when the twins did not share about it. For example, when one of them following activities that focus on weight loss, such as dancing, or one has a friend who's obsessed with weight, and so forth.

Environmental factors, such as exposure to the same media, does not have a major impact as it seems. Indeed, these factors do not share, which makes twins be so different, the biggest impact. Cultural risk factors that most influenced the development of the estimated income-thin ideal value was also not as important as genetic factors.

This study reveals the need to take an approach similar to the way that women are driven to be thin to consider how genetic and environmental factors have a role in the development process of entering these values ​​was thin ideal.

Human Gen-16

That despite eating a lot but not obese gene turned out to have a composition-16. This was revealed by a study conducted at Imperial College London in the UK and the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Conversely, the person who lost several genes, their weight will be easier to increase despite same diet with others. Consequently, although the diet, the body tends to look fat.

Having a slim body is not necessarily from malnutrition, when in fact it has a lot to eat. According to the study, some people are just born thin forever because it has the advantage of a gene called gene-16. In general, a person inherits the same gene composition of the parents. But in some people with certain genes may be duplicated numbers to 2 times more than normal people.

Research has been conducted on 95,000 people revealed, duplication or copying of genes-16 experienced by 1 in 2,000 people worldwide. In men, this condition increases the risk of underweight by 23-fold and 5-fold in women.

Underweight or very underweight is defined by a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 18.5 kg/m2. The opposite of that is underweight is overweight when BMI is in the range of 25-29 kg/m2 or obese if the BMI exceeds 30 kg/m2 numbers.

In addition to increasing the risk of underweight, which makes the composition of gene duplication-16 too much too risky trigger microcephalus or shape of the head is too small. Because small head, brain volume is limited so prone to nerve damage and the average life expectancy is shorter. Most people-16 gene duplication also experience microcephalus or head circumference kecil.Penelitian involving 95,000 people revealed, duplication or copying of genes-16 experienced by 1 in 2,000 people worldwide. In men, this condition increases the risk of underweight by 23-fold and 5-fold in women.

Each person normally has a composition of the same gene from both parents. However, in some cases, specific genes may have duplicated that number to 2 more times, and the removal of that composition is reduced.

The composition of genes numbered 16 or so-called gene-16 can affect your weight. Someone who experienced gene duplication will remain thin despite eating a lot.

In contrast to the loss of some of these genes, weight is believed to be more susceptible to increased despite a diet similar to the others. As a result, though it was trying to diet, the body tends to still look fat.

In addition to increasing the risk of malnutrition, the composition of gene duplication-16 risk of triggering microcephalus or shape of the head is too small. Because small head, brain volume is limited so prone to nerve damage and life expectancy is shorter

If you want to be fat, here are some tips for those who struggle to gain weight because they have a high metabolic system:

1. Eating the right
People with the metabolic system requires more foods that contain high protein for muscle development. In addition, you should eat after doing activities such as sports, to immediately rebuild the muscles of the body. Foods high in protein such as chicken, beef, eggs, milk, cheese and nuts.

2. Appropriate exercise
Sports such as jogging, jumping rope, sit-ups and push-ups will not make weight people with metabolic system up. The sport serves to increase the strength, but does not increase muscle mass. To gain weight, try weight training (free weights or weight lifting) is not more than 45 minutes. This will make your muscles bigger so as to raise the weight.

3. Right amount of sleep
Lack of sleep makes people with high metabolism can not be fat, because it makes you burn calories higher. For that, go to sleep with a pattern and a sufficient amount 6-8 hours a day.

A few information concerning Lots Eating Thin But Still that may be useful and beneficial for you,

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