Dental Care Natural Way

1. Avoid drinking coffee and red wine. Usually two drinks that can leave stains on teeth.

2. Eating vegetables can clean teeth. Besides being a healthy snack, vegetables turned out to clean your teeth naturally.

3. Consider your toothbrush. Replace your toothbrush at least once a month.

4. Strawberries turned out to have a natural effect that can whiten teeth because fruit contains high levels of Vitamin C. Be diligent to drink strawberry juice and do not dispose of the waste. Grab it and rub the pulp of the teeth, after settling for a moment, gargle. Do it regularly in order to get maximum results.

5. Brush your teeth regularly every 12 hours is a basic rule that you should do to get white teeth. These habits can protect teeth from plaque and stains are stubborn.

6. Rub lemon peel on the teeth can also whiten your teeth. Do it regularly so that the results can last a long time.

7. Avoid smoking. Smoking is the quickest way to change the color to yellow teeth.

8. Take advantage of dental floss to clean between teeth at least once a day. Dirt is very easy to slip in between your teeth and if not cleaned, will drift into tartar.

9. Use toothpaste that has the formula to whiten teeth as recommended by your doctor.

10. Talk to your dentist at least once a year subscription.

Another way to keep your teeth in order to remain bright colors, such as:

1. Improve your oral hygiene, namely:

a. Remove plaque on the surface of your teeth with proper brushing teeth and optimal. Brushing technique is most easily done, yet effective cleaning plaque is in a circular motion to make a big circle on the surface of the tooth (front tooth surface facing the lip and tooth surface facing the cheek). As for the part of the tooth (the part of the tooth surface that faces the tongue and palate) brushed with the movement of pulling out, and at the top (occlusal) teeth brushed with a back and forth motion. Every surface of the teeth brushed for 10 rounds or movement. Do it slowly and brushing teeth with light pressure.
b. Using a low-abrasive toothpaste.
c. Using a soft bristle brush.
d. Routine cleaning of tartar in Dentistry.

2. Diligent eating fibrous fruits and green vegetables, which serves for cleaning teeth naturally.

3. Avoid habits that can cause staining of the teeth, such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea, soda and other colored drinks.

4. Avoid foods that contain dyes and excess oils.

5. Do not use mouthwash for more than 2 consecutive weeks.

6. Prolonged use of antibiotics should be avoided.

7. Consumption of supplements containing iron should also not be constant, you can consult further to your doctor about alternative subscription other supplements.

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