Here are the causes of gray hair in their teens:

1. Less intake of vitamin
Perhaps without realizing it, the nutrients that you consume every day is not balanced. Lack of nutrition can lead to anemia or a condition where the body lacks hemoglobin. Anemia cause the body can not absorb vitamin B to the fullest. Lack of vitamin B can cause interference with the pigment in hair.
B12 deficiency not only can trigger an abnormal growth of gray hair, but also can lead to other health problems such as dementia at a younger age or more commonly known as dementia.

To avoid that, of course we should really pay attention to your intake of vitamin B12 is needed by the body. This vitamin can be obtained by consuming eggs, tempeh, beef, shrimp, clams, oysters, and so forth.

2. Abnormalities of the thyroid gland
According to a medical study at the University of Michigan, disorders of the thyroid gland in the body resulting in hormone imbalance. This can cause symptoms of hypothyroidism. One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is the appearance of gray hair prematurely. If you have a history of the disease, you may need to do a medical check up.

3. Hair shortage of sebum
When hair is dehydrated sebum melembapkannya functioning naturally, the hair becomes dry and change color to white. Lack of variety of minerals such as iron is one of the causes of reduced production of sebum.

4. Unhealthy lifestyle
Habits and unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, will accelerate the onset of gray hair. An American study found that more smokers gray arising gray four times faster than those who do not smoke.

5. Heredity / Genetic
The reason this one you can not refuse. Some people have an inherited disorder that resulted in cells that produces the melanin (pigment hair) stopped. Consequently, gray arise faster than they should.

6. Smoking habits
In a cigarette there are dozens of substances harmful to humans, but can lead to many dangerous diseases, smoking can also cause growth of gray hair prematurely.

7. Damage to the thyroid gland
Damage to the thyroid gland causing impaired thyroid hormone production, this triggers the growth of gray hair at a young age. This damage is more common in women.

8. Damage to the pituitary gland
Damage to the thyroid gland generally caused due to problems that occur in the pituitary gland, indirectly led to the growth of gray hair disorders are not normal.

9. Poor diet
Ordinary poor diet due to the wrong diet method, not supply all the nutrients and vitamins needed by the body to ahirnya will make you vulnerable to deficiency include hair, teeth and skin.

10. Stress
Prolonged stress or depression can trigger the growth of gray hair at a young suia. Not only that, the hormone cortisol is released by the body when we are stressed can invite other dangerous diseases.

11. The use of tooth whitening products
The content of hydrogen peroxide contained in teeth whitening products can increase the levels of hydrogen peroxide in the body which in ahirnya interfere with the enzyme that serves as a natural hair dye.

Consult your doctor if you plan to use the related specific product in order to avoid the negative effects that we do not want. We further encourage you to follow the ways whiten teeth naturally we've written some time ago.

12. Pollution
Environments with poor levels of hygiene not only can affect the skin's beauty, but also affects the health of the hair directly.

13. The use of hair care products
Using the wrong hair care products can memicul gray matter in adolescents. The use of these products in excess of any natural ecosystem can disrupt the hair.

.. :: Prevent - Overcoming Hair graying :: ..

How penyeleseinnya??? How To Prevent And Overcome Hair graying in young age could be as follows:
Consuming foods rich in meneral such as iron, sodium and vitamin B. Expand eat fruits - and syuran harbor.
Massaging the hair with coconut oil will help keep hair lush, long, black and strong or can also use curry leaves boiled in coconut oil and use it for the hair.
Wear can also mix the oil and gooseberry powder to be one of the effective ways to prevent and cure for gray hair.
Could use a leaf sembukan to overcome gray hair by taking 10-15 sembukan leaves, then wash and dry jemurlah up. bake and take his ashes. Ash is then soaked with less cold water for 2 hours, then strain the soaking water was to wash, use just 1 week.
It could also bark and leaf decoction rambutan.
Could use hazelnut oil.

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