Caring for Eye Health

Healthy body and organs inside the body so needs to be maintained. From start to maintain eye health, skin health, hair health, dental care, nail care, and health in other parts of the entire body, both from within and from outside. Maintaining eye health is an important thing to be aware of. You should be able to take care of your eyes with good health. These will infodari eye health tips to be discussing about how to care for eye health and eye health to avoid all diseases and other eye disorders.

For those of you who use contact lens or contact lens, also needed extra care, so that your eyes remain healthy.

Actually there are 7 easy ways to keep your eyes healthy, in this article we provide a variety of tips to our visual senses both children and adults are not exposed to diseases such as minus, plus or cataracts. Why should we keep? Did you know according to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there are 45 million people with blindness on the planet and it wiliayah third in Southeast Asia, where we live. In Indonesia there are an estimated one person become blind every minute in the world and estimated 12 people become blind every minute.
There are 7 easy tips Eye Health Care can be done every person in maintaining eye health:

1. A Balanced Diet
Apparently the diet has something to do with eye health, so while doing the diet by eating nutritious foods with vegetables and fruits. Always choose foods that contain vitamin A, C, and E because it can improve the health of the human eye. Furthermore, eating salmon can also provide a very good effect.

2. Avoid Living Habits Poor
This method actually applies to maintaining the health of the entire body to avoid minumanng yes alcoholic and eliminate the habit of smoking. Scientists say, smoking can make eye cataracts, macular degeneration (loss of sharpness of vision), and nerve damage in the eye. And drinking too much alcohol can make pupillary reaction so unstable, blurred vision until the myopic eye.

3. Perform routine checks Eyes
Often modern humans do not realize that stress can impact due to a job that does not fit into the eye. Therefore, perisakanlah your eyes regularly to avoid the disease that may strike the eye.

4. Gymnastics Eyes
How do senamnya? easy really. Open wide your eyes. Then, rotate the eyeball up, down, left and right for two seconds and close your eyes slowly. Repeat a few times when you're relaxed. This can reduce the impact of stress eye because solar radiation or computer.

5. Knowing Eyes in the Family History
The possibility of eye diseases can arise due to hereditary factors. So instead of that, knowing the history of your own eyes in the family is very important. By knowing, as a child we can prevent eye diseases derived by consulting the doctor.

6. Protective Eye Wear
Glasses can be worn to protect the eyes from sunlight or dust during exercise or other activity. Many glasses are specially designed for specific sports to avoid eye injury. So, avoid the use of sunglasses just because you want to style.

7. Enough Rest
Just like the body, the eyes also need adequate rest. Refrain from watching TV too long, or long hours at the computer when not at work. That way, your eyes do not fatigue and get adequate rest. (Read Causes and How to Overcome Difficult Sleep Tonight)

8. Do not rub or rubbed his eyes are too strong, especially when there is a foreign object into the eye.

9. Do not touch eyes with dirty hands or not washed with soap.

10. Apply the habit of watching TV and reading the right, such as the ideal distance of 2.5 - 3 meters in front of the TV, watching the dark space When the lights turned on, try living in a state of light, after watching TV for 30 - 60 minutes, rest for a moment close your eyes or look away. Also apply the correct reading habits, such as: Reading should be sitting in a relaxed position, the light source should be from the back or side, not from the front, the eye spacing Set approximately 30-40 cm reading, do not read continuously, occasionally rest eyes with close them or look away for a moment.
That's a variety of tips that we can use in maintaining eye health so we are not exposed to diseases such as minus, plus or cataracts.

For women, if you have eyes minus will berpengaruhpada pregnant. Therefore, do your best to take care of your eye health, so that your eyes can still function properly and as it should be

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