Traditional Medicine for Hair Loss

Do you often experience hair loss?. Many factors that cause your hair to fall out when combing the hair or when you are done keramas.Between that factors cause hair loss is because your hair follicles are not strong or rapuh.Mungkin you've tried many different ways to cope with hair loss, ranging from replacing shampoo, give vitamins to the hair or go to a salon just to care for your hair does not fall out back.However, the result is still nil.
Traditional medicine, yes it's time you switched to traditional medicine to overcome Your hair loss .Medechine traditional or natural Obal is the right choice, in addition to guaranteed 100% safe for us and certainly not like the side effects of the drug ingredients that are not natural.
Do not ever underestimate your hair loss, because hair loss can lead to continuous baldness or thinning rambut.Anda can try to make traditional medicine from natural ingredients you can get around your home environment.

Here are some kinds of traditional medicine to solve your hair loss ranging from hazelnut to Aloe vera is known to many benefits for your hair.
Traditional herbs:

1. Hazelnut

In addition to black walnut hair loss can also be for mengatasirambut.
How: Mashed 5 seeds pecans finely, add enough water and then cooked, stirring, stirring until pecans are issued Oil. Oilapplied to the scalp with a massage with hazelnut oil Gently. Use at least three times a week.

2.Aloe vera

Plant this one is certainly no stranger to a friend, you can take a lot of benefits from thistles software to solve your hair loss.

How: Wash Clean two aloe vera stem, then peel kulitnya.haluskan contents before it was rubbed on the scalp at night (before bed). Wrap your hair with a cloth, so that the results over the next day efektif.  rinse hair every day until you believe your hair loss is reduced.

3.urangaring leaves

Take a handful of leaves urang-aring then finely crushed. Add two cups of water. Stir well,
then filtered. Distillate let stand for one night (condensed). Rub the scalp with a massage.
Use every day.

Thus some traditional medicines that may help you cope hair loss.
Hopefully useful.

Source : i-herbal

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