Tips on How to Eliminate Stress Overload

It seems routine stress makes us faster especially when there are a lot of work or problems to be solved. Try to eliminate stress and do brief therapy that will refresh your body is also mind relaxation by using color, calm your mind through visualization techniques Angus Clark author of Secret of Qigong, how:

Sit in a place or room alone, then note and observe all the objects that are disekelilingi for 2 minutes.
Close your eyes and imagine all the available colors changed to a pink / pink.

Then, still in the pink eyes closed look like a river was flowing floor covering, windows, sofas and other objects until eventually envelop shoe, the foot is also our head. After that, we certainly feel more calm, creative by doing therapy.

Need to be reminded again, avoid a lot of thought, do not think about anything too heavy, think a calmly and releks.

Here are 10 Powerful Ways That Eliminate Stress Overload:
1. Do it on a weekend getaway out of the city. By doing this, pal stress will naturally be reduced. Do whatever you like to do outside of town buddy diving vacation lasts.
2. Rearrange your home or office layout mate (if necessary replace the new atmosphere pal paint back wall with another color)
3. Look for entertainment at a time when - leisure time mate as cafes, karaoke, moll (do not overload with it - other things)
4. Do exercise, with exercise stress that my friend will naturally be reduced or even buddies will avoid stress
5. Shopping for clothes, accessories, etc. are new shades (left goods - goods the old memories)
6. Changing the appearance of pal with a new hairstyle
7. Set the sleep patterns pal. Stress which is why many people come from poor sleep patterns and regular.
8. Go to class self-healing can control the stress that naturally mate

9. To avoid unwanted stress consult a buddy try naturally to a psychiatrist (case - case only)
10. Do it your way no. 1-9 with a buddy own volition, insha allah will be useful once for my friend

Good luck

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