Tips and Tricks How to quit smoking

Quitting smoking requires great sacrifice and commit to not smoking anymore. If you are a smoker then girlfriend told him to stop smoking if necessary give quit threat if not better off. Based on the case study of the success rate of this method is great.

How to quit smoking is actually not that difficult. Most people quit after feeling the effects of smoking. For those of you who sutah addictive smoking can be difficult to leave this habit quickly. But if you want to try there is still some way to quit smoking that you should try.

But you do not need to worry because here are some ways to stop smoking naturally. However, some of these tips can work well with someone, but these tips may not work when applied to others. Therefore we need a way most appropriate for each individual.

How to Stop Smoking Naturally

1. Stop By Gradual.
To be truly free from smoking addiction is better you do it gradually. In this way we can control our own thoughts if your body slowly not need nicotine from day to day. For example like this: if you spend a day usually 1 pack of cigarettes, so make sure you consume enough daily 6 pieces, then 3 pieces and so on until you can truly escape from the snare of cigarettes.

2. Support From Family.
If you really want to stop smoking then ask for help from your family to remind you. In addition to the role of the family's closest friends you can also help your efforts to quit smoking.

3. Yourself borrow.
Usually when people smoke in my spare time, by finding something else to make you forget the cigarettes. Fill your time doing what you love such as sports and berrekreasi

4. Consultation With Doctor.
This is one way that you should try, ask your doctor or health care professional how to quit smoking quickly. Usually the doctor has prescribed to eliminate dependence on nicotine.

 5. Avoid Triggers. Largely influenced by the desire to smoke triggers. triggers can come from a variety of things, such as the environment and the social, psychological state, and a variety of other reasons. Try to identify triggers, and also try to avoid it. Sometimes we unknowingly had a habit of smoking in certain circumstances, try to identify the triggers that make you really want to smoke, and try to avoid it.

6. Perform a physical activity or sport

Physical activity can distract you from tobacco addiction, and will directly reduce your smoking intensity. A time to time for physical activity for a while. Perform light exercise, such as jogging, sit-ups, push-ups, or just a leisurely walk. In addition to distract you from the addiction of smoking, physical activity is also very useful to improve your fitness, increase vitality, and also allows you to remove the psychological stress, but it also can improve the quality of your rest time.

7. Find True Benefits Life without cigarettes

It is now easy to find articles about quit smoking, too easy for you to find information about the harm of smoking to your body. By reading various references and may share medical article describing the adverse effects of cigarettes for health, you will find many reasons why you should immediately quit smoking. And common sense certainly easier for you to make the decision to quit smoking.

8. Chew or taste something

It is undeniable that raises tobacco taste sensation for the smoker mouth, and the sensation of smoking almost can not be replaced with other flavors. Taste chew or something, eg, candy or gula2, or light snacks, or other foods that you like best. But keep in mind, this method should be done with caution, lest with plenty to eat sweets or other food makes you exposed to other health problems.

9. Join a smoking cessation program

Today many programs that specifically address smoking addiction, either online via the internet or around your town. Usually these programs offer steps that have been compiled by experts, so effective to follow. In addition, you can also learn from other people's experiences, or the experiences with fellow smokers trying to quit.

10. Relaxation

Since long relaxation techniques can be used for medical purposes, as well as for the smoking issue. There are many kinds of relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization, hypnosis and massage. Choose a technique that suits you, that you will do and not be a burden. Relaxation itself is very beneficial to your body and your mind, so it does not hurt to try.

Of all the tips above, there is one important point that you should hold fine. Although there are thousands of ways to quit smoking if you do not have a strong determination then everything will be in vain. Convince yourself if you can stop completely, as the saying goes "Where There's a will there is way".

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