How to Reduce the Negative Impact of Smoking

Smoking is one habit that commonly encountered in everyday life. Men, Women, Old, Young, Poor, Rich, did not escape so addicted to cigarettes. In terms of health, there is no iota of evidence of the benefits of tobacco smoke. But not easy to remove the dependence of this bad habit.

Although most people think of smoking as a habit reasonable, but in fact smoking is not just a habit, because cigarettes contain substances such as nicotine and carbon monoxide that can make people addicted and want to constantly smoking.

Nicotine as an alkaloid has many negative effects, including increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Tips on Reducing the Impact of Cigarette

In several recent studies found an herbal therapy that can reduce the negative effects of nicotine, which is a banana. In this yellow-skinned fruit contained substances that are useful to the body, such as potassium, potassium, vitamin B6 and B12.

Potassium is used by autonomic nerves to control the heart rate, brain function, and other important physiological processes. Potassium is also shown to help lower blood pressure. In addition, these substances also play a major role in the function of nerve and muscle contraction deyut. Besides the advantage of potassium, vitamin B6 and B12 in bananas also have a very big role because it is able to neutralize the negative effects of nicotine in the body.

To benefit from these bananas, we should not take it home. Choose ripe bananas, because younger digested, so the fruit sugar in bananas naturally converted into glucose rapidly into the bloodstream diabsorsi.

Eat some bananas on a regular basis to reduce the negative effects of nicotine in cigarettes. Hopefully useful.

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