Here's How To Foundation More Average

Before using make-up, one of the rituals that should never be forgotten is to apply foundation. Foundation works to help disguise imperfections of the skin, so the skin can look smooth and beautiful. In addition, the foundation will also help improve the appearance of make-up used.

When using foundation, be sure to apply a thin layer on the skin so it looks more natural. Use a foundation that is too thick will make your skin look very pale, and also look very different from the skin on other parts. But the thing to remember is, when you use foundation make sure to make the move to the skin. It aims to "euthanize" fine hairs, and closes the pores so that cosmetics do not get into the skin. In addition, it will also help make your makeup look more neat, smooth, and flat.

"There are three ways to apply foundation, with fingers, sponge, or brush," says make-up artist Philip Kwok, in the event advance beauty make-up in Jakarta, some time ago. However, of these three ways sponges and fingers are the most widely used.

1. Digit
When using a finger, often so uneven foundation application. Normally you use two or three fingers to flatten right to all parts of the face. However, you unwittingly put pressure on different parts of the face, and it will make the thickness of the foundation so go uneven. But usually this will be realized when you have the added powder and other make-up.

2. Sponges
Using a sponge is highly recommended for leveling a foundation with more subtle, and produce a more even thickness. For the results of a very thin and natural, make five points on the face to be the foundation, the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Then, make a motion pull down by giving a little pressure on the face. Perform the direction of motion.

To cover blemishes or acne scars, you should not use a foundation that is too thick. To cover it up, just create five dots of foundation on your face and do a light pat on the face.

3. Brush
Use this brush is actually almost the same as a sponge. Brush strokes produce a thick or thin foundation by pulling down the brush and foundation. To cover up acne or spots, brush can also be applied with a light pat. However, because the brush consists of several feathers together, I wonder if insignificant sweep less flat and smooth. So, sometimes you have to work twice to flatten the former line of brush in the face with a sponge.

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