Factors Trigger Acne

Acne occurs because of blockage of the oil glands in the pores accompanied by inflammation. Acne will occur when oil glands and dead skin cells on the skin inhibited.

Many causes can form acne. There are several factors that trigger the appearance of acne, namely:

1. Click on or holding her face like acne
Asalasah add facial acne are often held or squeeze acne has a dull face and a lot of spots and acne scars acne new. It looks obvious when membandingkanya with friends on campus. Among the hobbies hobby hold acne ama berwudhuk and rarely hold face.

2. Cosmetics
Selection of the wrong cosmetics can make acne prone skin. For example, using talcum powder or creamy textured foundation or two way cake. Other causes, do not clean your face after using cosmetics and cleaning the face using high alcoholic products. Dr. Gloria suggested to use powder or mineral cosmetics. For facial cleanser, use that contains a pH balanced.

2. Hormone
Hormones play a very large in the formation of acne. So not surprisingly, when the skin often appears before menstruation acne, because at that time the hormone imbalance. "Hormones called androgens in acne. Nah androgen rising as puberty, menstrual cycle approach and stress," explains dermatologist graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

3. Lifestyle
Unhealthy lifestyle is one factor of acne. People who like drinking alcohol, smoking, lack of rest and stress, can increase the hormone androgen.

"Androgens can increase the production of oil glands, so when an unhealthy lifestyle then its activity increases. Then oil can become clogged, especially if the skin surface is covered by make-up it will become inflamed and acne," said dr. Gloria.

4. Food
"Food is actually still controversial. Much of the research results are not consistent, some say relates some say are not related. But I think it depends on each individual who was at any time they eat certain foods so spotty, so avoid these foods aja , "said Dr. Gloria. Examples of foods that can cause acne: a high-fat snacks such as meat, dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese), some kinds of nuts and foods with high sugar content (ice cream and chocolate).

5. Genetic
Doctors at the clinic prakter pretty belongs dr. Tompi it also outlines other factors of acne. Genetic factors, which are inherited from parents. When parents acne, the activity of the oil glands of the child to be more productive, so that acne will be very easily arise. According to dr. Gloria, heredity was usually more difficult to treat.

6. Microorganisms
Acne is caused by bacteria. The bacteria enter the body through the skin tissues. The bacteria then secrete toxins that can kill good cells in the vicinity. So it can grow acne.

7. The water is not clean, it resulted in blockage of the pores and the appearance of bacteria on the skin surface.

8. Vitamin deficiency.

9. The use of drugs and dubious quality cosmetics.

10. Dehydration.

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