Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a cancer that attacks the parts of the mouth. This cancer can grow in the gums, lips, mouth wall, tongue, palate or floor of the mouth.

Oral cancer includes dangerous diseases such as cancer that is not impossible to bring the sufferer to death. Oral cancers usually arising in the tongue-shaped or raised bumps on the tongue meat. Cancer will cause decay or when broken will continue to remove the fluid.

Oral cancer is the tongue that looks like a large thrush. The tongue will decay and more and will increase. While oral cancer can be detected in the gums when the gums swell and become puffy cheeks.

Causes of Oral Cancer
Incidence of oral cancer caused by the growth of cells that are not controlled and create disturbance to the surrounding tissues such as the head and neck. Normal cells have a cycle of life and death. However, it did not occur in cells causing oral cancer.

They continue to mutate, spread and invade surrounding organs, causing abnormal conditions in the mouth. Causes of oral cancer can be caused by the consumption of alcohol, tobacco either by smoking or host, and because of heredity.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer
Symptoms of cancer of the mouth can be seen from a number of abnormalities that occur in the mouth. Such as swelling of the mouth, unexplained bleeding, onset of pain in the cancer cells are overgrown, hoarse voice so prolonged, and had difficulty chewing, swallowing, and even talk.

Oral Cancer Prevention and Treatment
To help prevent oral cancer, make it a habit to avoid foods and beverages that are still hot. If food / drink is still hot, wait until cool.

In addition, always clean the mouth after eating. Diligent brushing your teeth is the easiest way to clean the mouth. Do not forget to always exercise for your health intact.

But if it has been exposed to oral cancer, there is no other way than to treat it. Medical treatment of oral cancer based on the severity of oral cancer and diffusion rate.

How common medical is done to destroy cancer with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. However, these methods can be expensive and cause adverse effects to the body.

Than through medical treatment, not to turn a blind eye to the alternative treatment for oral cancer. Alternative treatment of oral cancer can be done by taking herbal anti-cancer drugs, such as ant nests are believed to destroy oral cancer cells that do not develop in the mouth.


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