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Many women rely heavily on make-up to enhance her appearance. Almost all parts of the face has the opportunity to makeup, for example blush to cheeks, eye for eye shadow and lipstick for the lips.

"One of the causes of this variance difference is skin sensitivity. There are some parts of the skin that is not 'strong' with specific ingredients, but there is the opposite," said Astrid Tjahyanto, Product Marketing Training and Make-up Skill Etude House Indonesia, at the opening of Etude House Kasablanka City, South Jakarta.

According to him from all parts of the face, lips are the most sensitive because the skin is thin and easy to dry. If other parts of the skin takes a few days to recognize the negative reaction between the skin and make-up, lip does not take long to see the effect. For example, when one choose lipstick lips will instantly react become dry and cracked.

In addition to the lips, the eyes also become a very sensitive because it has a lot of blood vessels in the skin folds are very thin. "Especially for the eyes, be extra careful to choose creams and eye makeup, and how to use them. One-one could be allergies and cause impaired vision," he added.

When applying cream or eye makeup, you should not rub or press the eye too hard. This movement will result in rupture of the capillaries in the eye and lead to red eye that interfere with vision. Instead of rubbing eyelids or under eye area too hard, just pat gently eyelid.

"In addition to avoiding rupture of blood vessels, this move will also help create a natural effect on eye makeup," he concluded.

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