10 Best Beauty Problems

1. Although it does not fall out, hair looks thin over time. Why?
Aging of the skin head, heredity, and hormonal causes are multiple. Although it does not fall out, hair shaft diameter decreases so that the original thick hair look so thin.

2. Can aging scalp overcome?
It can be slowed with antioxidants. Can be obtained through the diet or hair care products rich in antioxidants. Adequate water intake, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle should also be carried out simultaneously in order to be more effective.

3. Can eyelash loss grow back?
Of course. However, the growth is not as fast as the growth of hair on the scalp area. Consumed supplements for hair growth can indeed be helpful, though not significantly.

4. What is milia?
Milia are small rash that usually appears white in the area around the eyes and cheeks. Milia are formed due to the keratin layer of the skin under the peel is not perfect, but instead clot inside. Can not be eliminated simply by push. Regular facials can be overcome.

5. How eye bags (baggy eyes) can be formed? Can be removed?
Age factor is a major cause after heredity (genetics). Increasing age cause skin thinning so fat that collects under the skin more visible and marsupial. How to remove eye bags by removing the fat that accumulate it (surgery) and tighten skin (laser).

6. Why make-up is not completely diffused while pregnant?
During pregnancy, women experience hormonal changes that cause the skin condition in physiological changes (eg, enlarged pores and oily skin easier). Changes in the skin allows makeup results are not as good as she is not pregnant.

7. Margins gradually blackened lips. Why, yes?
It happened because the swelling of blood vessels in the skin layer. This is equivalent to the formation of dark circles under the eyes. Besides heredity, nicotine in cigarettes and excessive sun exposure may be the cause. Highly recommended to use a lip balm or lipstick with an SPF to protect lips.

8. What is the appropriate treatment products to address lip experiencing sun burn?
We recommend using aftersun products, such as air and creamy emollient cream. Products with natural aloe vera is also able to reduce pain.

9. What causes warts on the feet and hands?
Warts that appear on the hands and feet caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and are contagious warts types (different wart growing on the face, back, or neck due to old-age). Warts can be removed with this type of surgery chemical, electrical surgical, or laser surgery.

10. What causes nails easy to peel?
Causes vary chipped nails. Fungal infections, systemic diseases, to the most frequently found, and eczema of the nail (the nail becomes inflamed areas) and less nutrients. To prevent and overcome, it is recommended to consume foods rich in amino acids (protein) and vitamin E.

Sources: www.femina

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