How to Stop smoking

There are a million reasons and benefits you should stop smoking. You need to know the benefits of quitting smoking can be directly felt by the body. For example, within 20 minutes after smoking, blood pressure and your pulse rate will return to normal.

After three days of not smoking, the nicotine is no longer detectable in the blood, the sense of smell returns to normal, and you can breathe more easily. Within 2 to 12 weeks after a complete stop smoking, the circulation in various parts of your body will gradually improve.

After that, the body will feel more fit and healthy. Intend to quit smoking, but never succeeded, try it this way!

1. Begin to reduce the desire to smoke. Strong desire (duration 2-3 minutes) usually occurs a few hours after you've finished the last cigarette. Indeed, the drive was only a moment, but the moment it is key to be able to quit smoking.

Try doing an activity to eliminate the desire, for example, took a deep breath, stand up and walk for a while, spread arms, drink a glass of water or fruit juice.

2. Chili may reduce the desire to smoke. Actually, there are no foods that can stop smoking for granted. But, if to distract your mind from smoking, spicy foods worth trying.

3. If you want to quit smoking, stop completely. Do not reduce the number of stalks or switch to a lighter cigarette nicotine (mild). Because it makes you suck replacement mild cigarette was deeper, and absorb more nicotine into the lungs.

4. Do not force quit on the holidays, because it would make life harder when you start again to regular activity. Instead, start stop smoking on weekdays.

5. Before getting your period, you should not stop smoking. You see, if you are experiencing stomach cramps or moody, craving for a cigarette even greater.

6. Ask your spouse, friends, and family not to smoke around you. Say, it is one form of support so that you can stop smoking. [Alert]

7. Perform therapeutic nicotine
When you quit smoking, nicotine can make you feel frustrated, depressed, anxious or angry. Nicotine replacement therapy can help overcome this problem. Studies show nicotine gum and lozenges can help double your chances of quitting smoking, if done intensively. But be careful, use a product like this, smoking is not recommended.

8. Control stress properly
One reason people smoke is that the nicotine can help a person to be more relaxed. After quitting smoking, you have to find other ways to cope with stress, such as a massage, listen to relaxing music, or take a yoga class. If possible, you should avoid stressful situations during the first week when you start to quit smoking.

9. Avoid alcohol and other smoking triggers
Certain activities can increase your desire to smoke. Alcohol is one of the most common triggers, so try to minimize it. If coffee makes you want to smoke, switch to tea for a few weeks. And if you used to smoke after eating, find other ways to avoid such as chewing gum or brushing your teeth

10. Know the reasons to quit smoking
If you want to quit the habit of smoking, you should know why. Is it because of the adverse effects brought about by smoking, want to look younger or because you want to protect your family from secondhand smoke. Choose a very strong reason to beat the temptation to smoke.

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