Increase Traffic to new Blogs easily

Increase Blog Traffic easily
Friends today's post is about secrets on how to get more visitors/high traffic to your blog or website with easy steps. These steps include the very simple and easy steps which you implement in your blog site and get visitors from the best search engines like Google, Ask, Bing etc. This post contains beginners guide on how to get high traffic to your blog by SEO, Social Media sites, blog and post style etc.

How to increase organic traffic with SEO on blogger

The best technique to increase visitors to your blog is by doing SEO in your blogs. With basic SEO and some simple keywords research, you can make your website favorable for search engines and thousands of people will come to your site daily.

Beginners SEO:
Following are the some basic SEO tips which you must include in your blog to get your blog appear in search engines.

Firstly submit your blog in search engines, this will tell search engines about your new blog then their robots will take a look in your site and after a few days your site will start showing in search results.

Secondly include meta tags in your blog html. Title and description tags in all pages is the best way to tell search engines about your site content. Because search engines robots see your blog's title and description and these title and description tags are then shown in search results (for more info on title in search results see this).

Then you should change your Blogger settings for SEO. See following posts and edit accordingly.
If you don’t know anything about SEO, then do not worry. You can get free SEO for blogger here.

Advance SEO:

Blog Design helps in SEO

You must take care of these simple points before writing posts in your blog. The most important point in blogging is your blog style. Your blog should be simple with some graphics. It should load faster. Following points must be kept in mind regarding your blog style.

  • Blog style should be simple but look professional.
  • Blog loading time should be faster.
  • Blog content should be qualitative (posts should be informative for readers).
  • All posts should be relative to your blog title (main idea of your blog).
  • Use keywords in posts title and body (link to post)
  • Allow comments in your blog

Share blog posts to social media for more visitors

Share your blog posts on social media regularly on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Be active on social media sites , make a Facebook page and Twitter ID and share your blogger posts there. 
  • Make a Facebook page and share your posts daily.
  • Make twitter account and be regular there.
  • Comment on other blogs and introduce your blog there as well.

Need any help regarding Blogging, SEO and online earning comment down!

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