Natural Ways to Reduce Eye Minus

Minus the eye is a disorder of the eye that can not see objects at a distance too far. Eye problems can be experienced by anyone, both women, men, children, and adults. The cause is often read in the dark, reading while lying down, exposed to radiation monitor, TV, or cell phones, and so forth. Someone whose eyes minus, would normally use glasses or contact lenses to aid vision. However, both methods can not reduce eye minus. Minus the eye can actually increase if you do not often use glasses or contact lenses.

Cause Eye Minus

  • Read while sleeping
  • Read in places with less lighting
  • Reading too long
  • Less foods high in vitamin A
  • Too old to work on the computer.
  • Watching tv too close
  • Play the game with a big TV and melee
  • Too much watching widescreen movies, etc..

Eye symptoms Minus

At nearsightedness (myopia, eye minus), the axis of the eye is too convex, so the shadow of the object falls on the retina. As a result, distant objects are not seen clearly. Without glasses, nearsighted patients will experience headaches and pain in the eyes.

The symptoms are throbbing head pain, especially the front, eyes sore and heavy, feels like going out and excessive tears melted. This situation usually improves when eye rested or with anti-pain medication. But often relapse some time later.

Then, how to reduce or treat eye minus?

 Here's how to naturally reduce eye minus:
 1. Doing eye exercises eye exercises you can do this every day. Eye exercises useful for retraining kefokusan your eyes. Eye exercises you can do, such as looking at various objects at different distances, wink normally (not too fast and slow), closed eyes with the palm of the hand, and seeing moving objects.
2. Mengonsusmi vegetables and fruits If you want minus the eye naturally decreases, then you are also advised to eat foods that are good for the eyes. Foods that include, salmon, avocado, garlic and red, egg, spinach, carrots, orange juice, and green leafy vegetables and other fruits are good for eye health.
3. To enjoy the natural scenery to soothe the eyes, you can see the natural scenery. Frequently go to the mountains to see the green trees or go to their hometown to see the rice fields. In addition, a wide sea view can also reduce minus the eye.
4. Using goggles with polarized lens glasses therapy is great for reducing glare. However, the lens can make you so much more difficult to see the LCD screen or mobile phone.

That's the natural way to reduce eye minus. The way is certainly easier to do than you have to perform eye surgery which would be a lot of money. If you want to do the above, then it should be done continuously. That way, you will feel the change.

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