Detecting Health Problems of Face

Try to reflect and observe your face thoroughly.
Not just personality or honesty that can be detected from a person's face. Apparently, the face can also help determine the health condition of the body.

Try to pay attention to your face more closely. Some diseases can be predicted from your face. Include the following, as quoted from the Mirror, Saturday, April 13, 2013:

Horizontal lines on the forehead
If you see the lines around the forehead, you might just have a digestive problem. However, not to worry, these problems can be overcome with diligent drinking warm water mixed with lemon juice Every morning.

Pimples on forehead
If you have acne on the forehead, it could be that you have a problem with the hull. According to Nataliya Robinson, dermatologists and facial at salon Michaeljohn, London said the problem can be solved by extending the drinking water to eliminate toxins. You also have to multiply eat green vegetables and less processed foods and caffeine.

Dark circles under the eyes
If you felt it was a regular, and fairly quiet but still have dark circles under the eyes. It may be caused by food allergies. Therefore, patients should reduce dairy and wheat from her diet list. Then see, if the dark circles diminished.

Dark circles
Dark circles can be caused, due to lack of iron in the blood. For that, try reducing soft drinks, coffee and tea.

White spots around the eyes
White spots around the eyes show chronic disease in the lymphatic system, which is a secondary circulatory system functioning spleen or lymph flow in the body. Patients should avoid lactose and cow's milk products. (asp)

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