Greasy Hair Solutions & saucer

Limp or oily hair is actually caused by an imbalance between the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum. Sebum is the oil content moisturize the scalp and protect against pollution. However, if excessive sebum production, then this becomes a problem, and makes hair shiny, heavy, and sticky in the head.


· Disorders of the sebaceous glands that produce excessive sebum (the natural oils that lubricate the scalp and protect against pollution). As a result, sebum accumulates, making the hair shiny, heavy, and feels sticky.
· Genetic factors.
· Stress and excessive anxiety.
· An unbalanced diet.
· One use hair products that contain a lot of oil so that the hair so limp.


How to Cope with limp hair :

1. Use a special shampoo for oily hair or containing ph neutral.

2. Use in sufficient quantities (depending on thickness of hair). Do not leave on too long. The sooner you rinse, the better.
3. Do not use baby shampoo or for children. Indeed many assumptions shampoo baby or child is very gentle and safe. However, this shampoo contains oil that is not suitable for youth or adult hair.
4. Avoid using hot water when shampooing.
5. Do not use a hair dryer too close to the hair root.
6. When shampooing should massage your scalp gently (not too long) before applying shampoo that contains shampoo sink in and clean up excess oil on the scalp and hair roots. Rinsing was done with cold water until the roots of the hair.
7. When drying hair, pretty pressed-press until half dry, and let it dry naturally. If you want to use a hair dryer, use a low temperature. Hold with a distance of 15 cm from your hair. And do not let the hair dyer is in the same hair over 15 seconds.
8.Gunakan comb of ivory or plastic or wood with rare gear.
9. Also avoid the use of hair styling products too often. These products makes the hair will become limp.

10. When shampooing, do not rub the scalp too hard because it can lead to increased oil production
11. Wash your hair with warm water, wash as usual and finish by rinsing with cold water. Useful warm water to open the pores and remove oil and dirt in her hair, while the cold water makes the pores close.
12. Avoid using conditioner on the scalp. Apply only at the ends of the hair strands.
13. Avoid using conditioner on the scalp. Apply only at the ends of the hair strands.
14. Use dry shampoo or hair powder special, if no time to wash it. Very effective to make the hair greasy become more normal.

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