Tips to Make Thick Hair Naturally

Thick hair, long and lustrous is the desire of every wanita.Banyak people trying different treatments to get hair thick hair and berkilau.Namun, this treatment is usually sufficient to drain the bag and maybe the results are not as expected you.There are natural ways to make hair your thick and lustrous, the following tips to have thick hair naturally:

Tips to Make Thick Hair Naturally

Massaging Scalp

Massaging your head and scalp regularly use coconut oil is one of the best ways to get a hair thicker alami.Selain coconut oil, you can also use some other oils like olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil.

The trick, heat the coconut oil first, then apply warm oil on your scalp using your fingers in a circular motion and lembut.Setelah finished massaging, grab a towel and wet it with warm water and then wring it out, use a towel to wrap the head Anda.Menggunakan methods useful at least once a week to help stimulate hair growth and makes hair thick and shiny.

Healthy Diet

Just like your body, your body needs to stay healthy meals baik.Rambut we also need a supply of vitamins and minerals, to grow longer and tebal.Oleh therefore, it is important to follow a healthy diet and should seimbang.Anda memasaukan fruits and fresh vegetables, nuts, eggs, dairy products and a sufficient amount of protein in the diet Anda.Selain that you should also drink sufficient amounts of water to keep your body hydrated.

Wash Hair

Shampoo your hair regularly is important, but shampooing too often can make hair dry and eliminate kelembaban.Mengkeramas your hair every day can make hair become rough, shabby and more vulnerable bercabang.Keramas your hair twice a week is enough to clean the hair and scalp . Also, avoid washing your hair with hot water better use hangat.Air hot water can cause damage to your hair and make your hair dry and brittle.

People who have oily hair types tend to wash their hair every day, to remove the oil that berlebihan.Jika you have oily hair, then the best option is to use a gentle shampoo to wash hair Anda.Sebuah gentle shampoo to help wash away the oil without causing too much damage on your hair.

For dry hair after shampooing many people have the habit of wrapping your hair handuk.Anda really should avoid this habit as this can cause damage to the hair and the knots in the hair and the hair becomes kusut.Juga do not rub wet hair with a towel because it can open the hair cuticle which cause hair to curly and rusak.Setelah you wash your hair, let it dry itself.

Avoid combing hair while still wet, wet hair more susceptible to kerusakan.Selalu use a wide toothed comb to brush your hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Advertising on shampoos and conditioners that promise healthy hair and thick always tempting kita.Namun, most of these shampoos have less positive effects, sometimes even damaging rambut.Hal because hair products contain harsh chemicals that can remove hair moisture, so the hair becomes dull and brittle.

Most shampoos contain sodium laureth sulfate that is intended to remove oil and dirt on the hair but in the process it causes damage to the follicle rambut.Oleh Therefore, before buying shampoo, check the list of ingredients with cermat.Anda can choose herbal shampoo that does not contain chemicals.

Reduce the use of hair straighteners or curling

It has become a trend among people to experiment with their looks by mengkeriting, straightening and coloring hair them.However, experts say that if you want to have healthy and thick hair, you should limit the use of the product styling.Menggunakan hair styling tools regularly, can damage the hair cuticle causing frizz and worse kasar.Lebih can weaken the hair roots and cause hair thinning.

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