Tips For Healthy Hair And No Loss ........

Lets see Visible Care Tips For Healthy Hair And No Loss ........

1. Limit heat
Sunlight, and using beauty products with high temperatures such as tool vise and a hair dryer can make hair dry and brittle. Reduce the use of these tools to keep hair strong and maintain its natural moisture.

2. Avoid hair extension
Hair extensions had become a trend among women who want to have long hair in no time. Unfortunately, hair extension products can cause potentially fatal damage to the hair. The amount of the chemicals in the glue and hair used in this technique is a major threat to the health of hair.

3. Keep your diet
The food you eat can affect the condition of hair. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins. Increase your protein intake too, because hair is made of protein.

4. Limit the use of beauty products
Imagine how much of the chemicals in the hair care products? Imagine also how many chemicals if you are using multiple products at once. Too much use of beauty products can make the scalp dry. Instead of using products full of chemicals, choose the method of natural hair care.

5. Protect from sunlight
If skin requires sun block, hair also needs protection from the sun products. Use special care products that protect your hair from the sun if you are going to outdoor activities.

6. Combing Hair
Always use a clean comb to prevent the attachment of dirt on the hair. Comb your hair before shampooing to remove the hairs fall out. Avoid combing after shampooing because wet hair is quite fragile and easily fall out. Wait until dry, freshly combed.

7. Massage hair regularly
Not only the skin, hair also needs to be massaged regularly. Use olive oil that has been heated and then pijatkan gently into the scalp. It is useful to accelerate hair growth and health of the hair shaft.

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