Which Make Your Blood High Tension Size

MEASURING blood pressure is always done by the nurse before the doctor's examination. However, three things can make increased blood pressure monitor before.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the blood pressure can be changed every day. This affects diet and erratic sleeping habits. However, it can be avoided with a healthy lifestyle change.

Here are three things that can cause blood pressure to rise without the effects of a healthy lifestyle, as reported Emaxhealth, Thursday (24/01/2013).

Hearing the bad news

Hearing the bad news according to research can make blood pressure rise. When we heard the bad news, the heart pumps blood to the blood stream quickly and spread throughout the body. According to Dr. OZ from Missouri University, USA said, bad news can spur people to stress and cause heightened blood pressure.

after exercising

According to the AHA, physical activity can cause high blood pressure. One is exercise, after exercise, blood pressure will go up by itself. But with physical activity, blood vessels open and hypertension will be at a normal level.

genes derived

Transcription factors constitute a major part of the condition of the blood pressure. But some researchers say, those who have high blood pressure does not mean it will likely have high blood pressure. Transcription factors can be avoided by way of a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Sources: okezone.com

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