Reveals Dangers use MSG

Monosodium glutamate or MSG is often used in various dishes to enhance the flavor. However, many believe that excessive use of MSG can lead to health problems.

We know a flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate or by name (MSG) is a food additive that has been used for decades to improve the taste. This is usually used in many types of foods and processed meats. MSG consists of glutamic acid and salt. This material is often associated with negative effects that could interfere with the nervous system of the brain. In fact, in high doses can cause epileptic seizures, as reported by FoxNews.

Indeed, not much research that supports the idea that MSG causes adverse reactions in those who eat them. But over the years, many people who eat foods containing MSG additives are claiming they are suffering from headaches, numbness, sweating, heart palpitations, nausea and fatigue. This reaction is known as MSG symptom complex. Typically, symptoms of mild nature and often do not require medical attention. Even so, it still interfere with your health.

For that reason, it is important for you to control your intake of MSG. Because, if left much longer, you may regret later on

Danger Effect of Use of MSG:

A. Chinese Restaurant Syndrome
In 1968, dr. Ho Man Kwok found the disease in patients whose symptoms are quite unique. The neck and chest hot, shortness of breath, accompanied by dizziness. Patients that have this condition after eating Chinese cuisine in the restaurant. Chinese cuisine is the most widely accused of using MSG. That's why someone experienced similar symptoms after eating a lot of MSG called Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.

How to MSG can cause symptoms above, is alleged to date. But it is expected to cause vitamin B6 deficiency due to the formation of alanine from glutamate have problems when absorbed. It is said that eating 2-12 grams of MSG one meal can already cause these symptoms. As a result, it is not true because fatal in 2 hours Cinese Restaurant Syndrome is gone.

B. Network Brain Cell Damage
Research results Olney St. Louis. In 1969 he conducted research on young mice. These mice given MSG as much as 0.5 to 4 mg per gram of body weight. The result of this poor rats suffered brain damage. However, subsequent studies showed that administration of MSG mixed in food showed no symptoms of brain damage.

Glutamic acid enhance signal transmission in the brain, gamma-amino aminobutrat down. Therefore, excessive MSG consumption in some individuals can destroy the equilibrium between the increase and decrease in signal transmission in the brain (Anonimous 2006).

C. Cancer
MSG causes cancer right there if we look at it from the point of view below. Glutamate can be formed due to heating pyrolysis with high temperature and long time. pyrolysis is highly carcinogenic. Yet another protein dish that MSG was not added, can also form carcinogenic compounds when heated to high temperatures for a long time. Because the amino acids making up the protein, such as triptopan, penilalanin, lysine, and methionine can also undergo pyrolysis of the study was clearly very influential way of cooking.

D. Allergy
MSG does not have the potential to threaten the health of the general public, but also that hypersensitif or allergic reactions from consuming MSG can indeed occur in a small part of the consumer. Some researchers are even inclined to think seems to cause glutamate is not an effective compound, but the symptoms are likely caused by the metabolism of compounds such as GABA (Gama Amino Butyric Acid), serotonin or even by histamine (Winarno 2004).

MSG gives savory and delicious in a variety of dishes, even if the dishes were not actually provide meaningful savory flavor. MSG is safe for consumption as far as not excessive. Although considered safe, MSG should not be given to people who are experiencing brain injury due to stroke, hit, hurt, or neurological disease. Consumption of MSG causes accumulation of glutamic acid in brain tissue that can result in paralysis. Safe limits ever issued by the World Health Organization (World Health Organization), MSG intake per day should be about 0-120 mg / kg body weight.

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