Mistakes Make Up a Still Repeated

Either because of ignorance or because of the attitude of not taking care, classic mistakes when dressed yet we do. For example, asked to sweep a thin layer of serum to the face, you instead memulasnya thick because they feel less steady. In fact, excessive treatment is also not necessarily make the cream work more effectively. Let's see who is still often repeated error is:

Apply foundation while moisturizing dry yet
Viscosity moisturizer make-up can cause thinning if not penetrate skin moisturizer. "This could cause the foundation to clot-clot, and reduce the benefits it offers throughout the day," said Laura Geller make-up artist in New York City.

Better: Wait about 60 seconds until completely absorbed moisturizer to the skin. If you are in a hurry, stick a tissue to his face after applying moisturizer to dry so quickly, after which it soundly your foundation.

Spraying perfume on your clothes
Spraying perfume to clothes may make the fragrance last longer, but the perfume itself can leave stains on the fabric. "Fragrances are designed to be applied to the skin, where the perfume will interact with body heat," said Terry Molnar, executive director of the Sense of Smell Institute, New York City.

Better: Before dressing, lightly brush or spray perfume onto the skin in one or two pulse points such as the knee, wrist, the neck or behind the ear lobe. You also do not need to rub both wrists to flatten perfume. It will actually break down the molecular structure of perfume.

Too close to the glass when unplugging eyebrows
You may need a mirror close enough to ensure the fine hairs come uprooted. But when you focus too much on this fine hairs, so you do not realize the overall shape of your eyebrows. Do not be surprised if your eyebrows look too thin or not the same shape.

Better: Find a large mirror, and place it near a window. Then retreat is about 30 cm from the mirror to observe your face, so suggestions Ramy Gafni, owner RamySpa, in New York City. Eyebrows should be proportionate to your face shape and size of your facial features. After that, is closer to the mirror and began to pull their eyebrows. Make sure you back again any number of times to ensure the repeal eyebrow shape is symmetrical.

Ignoring the neck
You often see the faces of people still look tight, but his neck could not hide the signs of aging are wrinkles alias? That's because they ignore the condition of the neck when applying moisturizer on the face. In fact, the neck skin is thinner and more sensitive than the skin, and also the risk of pigmentary changes, elasticity, and texture. That is why, more neck wrinkles.

Better: After applying sunscreen on the face, neck and chest asleep also you. "You do not need a special neck cream really, it's just a marketing game alone," said Ole Henriksen, owner of Ole Henriksen Face / Body Spa in West Hollywood, California. Just use the cream morning and night cream to treat the neck. But if you use products containing alpha hydroxy acids or retinol, perform skin tests to the back of your hand first.

Too much concealer daub
Acne or reddish spots does look disturbing. To cover it up, you use a cream concealer or cover other stains. Still not sure acne will completely covered, you apply the cream again. In fact, "Most of this treatment creams contain acids that penetrate the skin for hours after applied," said Loretta Ciraldo, a dermatologist in Miami, who is also the author of the book 6 Weeks to Sensational Skin. "Excessive Wear it can cause a burning sensation that causes effects redness, flaking, and irritation."

Better: Just follow the usage instructions on the packaging. When asked to sweep a thin layer, just do it as requested. Most creams are also just have painted one or two times a day.

Source of article: female.kompas.com and editorial

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