Here's how to Overcome Neck Wrinkles

In beauty care, people often just concentrate on the face. As a result, the neck being often overlooked. No wonder so many people face shiny, but dull and wrinkled neck. To perform maintenance on the neck, you can follow the tips to overcome the skin dull and wrinkled neck following:

- Start with a bed in a good position, ie supine with a pillow propped thin.
- Familiarize chin straight ahead position when sitting and standing upright to prevent neck and pleated slack off prematurely.
- Make yourself at home neck massage using olive oil.
- Sort the neck from chest to chin with his fingers. Sort the back of the neck as well, starting from the top, neck, left shoulder and right up. Do the ordering for 5 minutes.
- After sorting, continue to perform peels or scrubs to remove dirt and dead skin on the neck comminution.
- Apply moisturizer to the face to the neck so that the neck skin are similar to the skin of the face.

By Billy B, make-up artist L'Oreal Paris are often dressed celebrities, good make-up will only work on healthy skin maintained. This does not only apply to the face but also for the neck area. Given the area's relatively drier skin with thinner skin structure, of course, required extra care.

The problem is, people often stalled in the face. Applications morning cream, moisturizer, night cream until just done on the face and neck area forget. If you are like that, then try to change these habits by treating the neck area as well.

If you have not already done so but had to be performed with the clothes that reveal the neck, then out of the shower, when the neck still damp with water, brush moisturizing cream to the affected area and allow 15 minutes to infuse. You can do it once again after the first 15 minutes, especially when you feel very dry skin.

Use a moisturizer that already has color, even now readily available moisturizer BB cream that has been colored. You no longer need to put the powder. Even if you are not used without powder, only use a brush to apply them, so that a thin layer of powder that forms only.

Billy B gives three tips for staying healthy skin, namely: drinking a lot, always use a moisturizer, and be happy. The combination of all three will make the whole body skin looking bright.

Similarly pontingan about tips to overcome the neck skin dull and wrinkled, may be useful.

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