Get a Brighter Face with This Tricks!

No stance whitening that works like magic, and the products on the market that claim to "whiten" the face in a short time it was starting to sound stale. Honestly whiten the face is almost impossible, but you can make your skin look brighter without losing its original hue.

Wash your face before bed every
Yes, it is understandable that you look beautiful with your makeup and applying makeup is not easy and takes a long time so you feel shame to remove it as soon mingkin. But let it settle makeup on your face can cause acne the next day. Every time you come home from work or from a party, immediately remove your makeup with a makeup remover for sensitive skin.

Eating healthy foods
It's no secret that what you put into your body affects what is on the surface ang, as well as the skin. When you eat all the time is Goren-fried without vegetables or sugar such as cakes or biscuits packaging, then you can see that your face will get a 'gift' in the form of pimples or blemishes yangntidak desired.

Wear the right makeup
Do not cover your skin with makeup is too thick. Imagine if your skin is different to the skin of your face-mask you will be impressed! Kenakanlan natural makeup and focus on a single part such as eyes or lips. If you have blemishes or pimples on your face, you can just use concealer to cover it, but choose a color that level brighter than your skin tone.

Always protect your skin
A number of doctors and dermatologists have said many times that you should use a sunscreen or lotion anti-UV 15 minutes before you leave the house or building. When you move out a lot, you must apply sunscreen every 2 hours.


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