Food That Can Eliminate badmood

Bad moods can be experienced by anyone at any time and anywhere. This can be caused by various factors such as environmental factors, pekejaan, social relations, and so on. If it feels bad mood usually we so easily ignited emotions and become stressed. So how do I fix this? Is bad mood can be eliminated? You do not need to worry, because health tips will discuss several types of these foods can eliminate your bad mood. In addition to eliminating bad mood, some of the following foods are also healthy and safe for consumption. In addition to following safe food apparently does not cause fat.

Dark Choholate
By The studies were conducted by health experts, dark chocolate had a lower stress hormones. With seepotong consuming dark chocolate can reduce the hormone cortisol and kolamin that make you anxious.

Besides fruits menganding many vitamins and nutrients, it is also believed mempu apples reduces resentment. Dr. Dolgoff one staff health experts suggest that eating apples with peanut butter dilumiri, because apples are sedangakan carb peanut butter is a healthy fat foods megandug.

green tea
Tea is a natural source of natural antioxidants. As we discussed in the last article, the tea is very effective to relieve anxiety and make us be quiet. Green tea contains a compound called theanine that mempu keep you focused and prevent you irascible.

Some of the foods above are based on proven research to eliminate or at least reduce your bad mood. By doing so, feeling angry, annoyed, irritated, and stress can be reduced. You need to know if the prolonged stress is not good for your health.

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