Eliminate Scar with Traditional Medicine

You've fallen right? Either falling from the motor or from stairs or falling from a certain height. Yes, since we are old toddler can walk, we must often fall many times. Well, it turns out the marks fall kitadari small we can also heal you know, with some traditional medicinal herbs. What is it?

1. Apply olive oil olive oil into the scar area. This method can also help lift scars.

2. Honey One of the most effective ways is claimed by smearing honey several times a day. This will make the skin look naturally and simultaneously raised scars.

3. Apply aloe vera liquid aloe vera sap to the wound area is still new. This method effectively prevents the formation of permanent scars.

4. Make a paste of sandalwood blend of sandalwood with rose water. Apply this paste to the scarred area at night and wash off in the morning. This method is declared as one of the best ways get rid of scars.

5. Lemon juice Lemon juice is a natural bleach and can help disguise scars and mottled skin.

6. Tomatoes
Eating tomatoes is also believed to rejuvenate the skin. Paste also fresh tomato chunks in places scarred for approximately 20-30 minutes regularly every day before bathing.

7. Mint leaves. Take some mint leaves and then puree. Furthermore, take the juice of mint leaves that have been smoothed by using a cloth. Next apply to the face or other areas that have scars.

8. Green tea. Dampen a cotton swab with green tea and then apply to the scar. This is a great natural way get rid of scars.

9. Coconut oil. Try massaging the scar area with coconut oil. This method can disguise but can not eliminate it completely.

10. Aloe vera. Apply aloe vera gel to the area fresh wounds hurt. This method effectively prevents the formation of permanent scars.

 Hopefully I eliminate scar above can help restore the condition you want to treat wounds.

Source: i-herb

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