Diligent Combing Hair Loss Can be Overcome?

Hair loss is actually a natural thing, because every day hair also grow old and die. Normally in one day 100 strands of hair will fall out, and replaced with new hair. However, the thing to worry about is the loss that is too often and in large numbers. Loss like this is a sign that your hair is not healthy.

There are many causes of hair loss, among other unhealthy scalp, stress, oily scalp, and use care products that do not match the type of hair.

"The easiest way to see if this hair loss occurs due to natural or other causes is by looking at the color of the scalp," said Chandra Gupta, a professional hairstylist Indonesia shortly after the launch of hair care products in Jakarta.

He added that a healthy scalp color is greenish white. While the troubled scalp usually white or off-white yellowish.

Diligent combing hair
Chandra said there are many ways to reduce hair loss, for example by choosing the right hair care products. "But there is a mistake that people often do when they find out their hair loss, which is so lazy to comb my hair," he added.

Many people assume that all too often comb hair when experiencing this problem can make hair loss worse. And he said, when you are experiencing hair loss should just have more frequent combing hair. Condition, comb hair gently touching the scalp.

"Gigi" comb touching the scalp will serve as massaging the scalp, and improving blood circulation. This process will help improve the condition of the scalp to scalp and hair health. In addition, the process of combing the hair will help the hair to "exercise power".

"Just like muscles, so strong then the hair should be trained strength. Hair also need it, to be strong and not easily fall off," he advised.

However, that must be considered when combing is not doing it rough, or tangled hair pulling force. In addition, we recommend using a hair comb hair comb that has little dots on each tooth. Rounded in every tooth comb will prevent the occurrence of injuries on the scalp which can cause new problems.

Source of article: female.kompas.com and editorial

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