Overcoming Insomnia Or Sleep Hard

Health Info this time on how to Overcome Insomnia, but first we will give a broad knowledge about insomnia. Insomnia is the perception of where a person was not getting enough sleep or poor quality sleep experience resulting feeling unfit during or after waking.

Insomnia is often caused by the use of certain substances or medications eg, coffee, alcohol, antidepressants, etc.. Besides insomnia can also be a symptom of various psychiatric disorders from mild to severe, eg depression, anxiety, or spikosis (mental disorder sufferers difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy).

Insomnia is divided into three types:

1. Type transient (fast pass), this type of insomnia a few nights just happen
2. Types of short-term insomnia lasts for several weeks and will usually return to normal
3. Types of chronic (severe), type of insomnia is a sleep disorder that can not last more than 3 weeks.

Causes of insomnia include:

1. Psychological factors of prolonged stress most often the cause of chronic insomnia types, while bad news, failed plan can be a cause of transient insomnia.
2. Psychiatry Depression is the most common problem found. You wake up earlier than usual, you do not want, is the most common symptoms of early depression, Anxiety, Neorosa, and other psychological disorders are often the cause of sleep disturbance.
3. Physical Pain Shortness of breath in people who have asthma, sinus, flu so that congestion can be a cause of disturbance tidur.Selama physical causes or physical illness can not cope with it well, sleep disorders or sleeplessness may occur will be maintained.
4. Environmental factors such as the environment noisy jet trajectory, railway tracks, factories or even a neighbor's TV could be a factor causing insomnia.
5. Lifestyle Alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, weight loss drug, irregular working hours, may also be a factor causing sleeplessness.

As for how to cope with insomnia were:

1. Go to sleep just as much as you need to rest, or to refresh the body on waking.
2. Have a regular sleep schedule and rational
3. Do not work while he was sleeping
4. Make room air was crisp with good ventilation.
5. Reduce the unpleasant sound, less light is needed.
6. Do not sleep with your condition hungry, so it will make you wake up later just to find food.
7. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee, cola, tea and chocolate.
8. Entrust his time on the alarm clock wake you often see at dikamar kamu.Dengan will influence emotional reactions.
9. Light exercise 6 hours before bedtime.
10. Aerobic exercise for 20 minutes can increase body temperature and metabolism and will decrease again about 6 hours later. Decrease in metabolism and body temperature may allow sleep soundly.
11. Eliminate any worries, thoughts about the plan tomorrow, thinking about the task unfinished.

Thus health info on how to treat insomnia or trouble sleeping sickness called may be useful

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